Research Integrity and Security

Approaching research with the highest standards of conduct and reporting

What is Research Integrity?

At Mines, we pride ourselves not only on our robust and diverse research portfolio but also on our approach to research—we hold ourselves to the highest standards in research conduct and reporting. Research Integrity encompasses more than just policies. Explore the links below to learn about Mines’ approach to responsible research. For questions, please contact

Mines Executive Team members are committed to research security, integrity, and safety, and call on each of us to do our part.

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Export Controls

Human Subjects

Responsible Conduct of Research

Research Misconduct

Undue Foreign Influence

Operations Security

Research Safety Culture

Research Conflicts of interest

Our Team

Headshot of Scot Allen
Scot Allen
Director, Research Integrity and Security
Headshot of Ralph Brown

Ralph Brown
Research Security Analyst

Headshot of Grant Alessandro
Grant Alessandro
Research Integrity Analyst
Headshot of Erin McCaffrey
Erin McCaffrey
Research Integrity and Security Analyst

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