Research Safety Culture

Research Integrity and Security

Research Safety is Essential to our Community

Colorado School of Mines values the health and safety of the entire campus community. Mines is committed to protecting students, faculty, staff, the public, and the environment. All members of the Mines community share responsibility for safety, are expected to highlight and mitigate observed hazards, and shall comply with established safety policies and procedures in pursuit of this commitment.

We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that every student and employee who studies or works in a laboratory or conducts field research does so in a safe and responsible manner. The safety and health of every member of our community is vital, and in research settings, each of us must look out for one another’s safety. We recognize research safety as an essential element of our university culture.

Developing and maintaining a culture of safety while pursuing scientific discovery is critical at Mines. We are renowned for our learning and research environments and our commitment to safety must be just as evident. Research safety is not something extra. It is a basic aspect of who we are as a community. Research safety is a foundation on which our education of students, our pursuit of knowledge, and our reputation are built.

Statement of Commitment