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A Nanoparticle-Based Coagulation Method for Cost-Effective Microalgae Harvesting(PDF)
A cost-effective method to harvest microalgae

Reference Number: 10005
Increased Lipid Accumulation and Carbohydrate Synthesis in Strains of Microalgae(PDF)
Modified microalgae that produce high levels of lipids and starch

Reference Number: 11020
Use of Endogenous Promoters in Genetic Engineering of Nannochloropsis Gaditana(PDF)
The genome sequence and protocols for genetic manipulation for Nannochloropsis gaditana, a microalga that has high lipid and biomass production

Reference Number: 12007
Nonstoichiometric Perovskite-Type Oxides for Solar Thermal Fuels Production(PDF)
Characterization of promising non-stoichiometric-perovskite-type oxide catalysts for solar thermochemical fuel productions

Reference Number: 13023

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Artificial Cells for Advanced Drug Delivery(PDF)
Targeted drug delivery across biological barriers using artificial cells 

Reference Number: 9002
Microfluidic Flow Assay for Measuring Hemostatic Phenotypes(PDF)
A microfluidic flow assay is a method for measuring the propensity to form a blood clot

Reference Number: 10004
Detection of Magnetic Field Concentrated Analytes in a Lateral Flow Capillary(PDF)
A lateral flow capillary devise to detect target analytes that are concentrated by a magnetic field

Reference Number: 11011
Optical Alignment Deformation Spectroscopy(PDF)
A microfluidic devise and method for high-throughput measurement of cell deformation

Reference Number: 12012
Plasma based Flow Assay for Measuring Trombin and Fibrin Generation(PDF)
A microfluidic plasma-based flow assay for measuring thrombin and fibrin generation

Reference Number: 12031
Delivery of Therapeutic Antibodies from Biodegradable Polymer Scaffolds(PDF)
A direct delivery system for the administration of therapeutic antibodies

Reference Number: 13011
Polymer Modified Nanoparticles as Contrast Agents for the Non-Invasive Measurement of pH in vivo(PDF)
A non-invasive and accurate method for in vivo pH measurements

Reference Number: 13014
Dynamic Viscoelasticity as a Rapid Single-Cell Biomarker(PDF)
A rapid non-destructive method to identify differences in cell phenotypes using cell viscoelastic properties

Reference Number: 13021
Wrist Gimbal Rehabilitation Device(PDF)
A low-cost devise to asses and improve wrist and forearm motor function

Reference Number: 14041
Three-Dimensional Gaze Control of Robots for Navigation and Object Manipulation(PDF)
A control system to guide robots for navigation and object manipulation that uses 3D eye tracking

Reference Number: 15005
Autonomous Robotic Laparoscope based on Eye Tracking(PDF)
An autonomous control framework for robotic laparoscope using eye tracking

Reference Number: 15006
Magnetic-Field Driven Colloidal Microbots Employing Wall-Based Propulsion(PDF)
Magnetic-field driven colloidal microbots for interventional procedures in the cardiovascular system

Reference Number: 15031
Controlled Precipitation of Biomimetic Apatites via in situ Mineralization of an Organic Polymeric Matrix(PDF)
A method for the controlled precipitation of biological apatites within a polymeric support substrate

Reference Number: 15038

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Palladium Alloy Membranes for use in Hydrogen Separation(PDF)
Palladium alloy membranes for hydrogen separation that are resistant to poisoning by sulfide compounds 

Reference Number: 6001
Unsupported Palladium Alloy Membranes(PDF)
A cost-effective method to produce thin, durable, support-free palladium and palladium alloy membranes 

Reference Number: 8002
Stable Catalyst Layers for Hydrogen Permeable Composite Membranes(PDF)
A hydrogen permeable membrane that is stable over a broad temperature range 

Reference Number: 10007
Acidic Ion Exchange Membrane(PDF)
An acidic ion exchange membrane with very high proton conductivity 

Reference Number: 10012
A High Efficiency, Reversible Flow Battery System for Energy Storage(PDF)
A solid oxide fuel battery for high efficiency energy storage 

Reference Number: 11007
Fabrication of Palladium-Alloy Composite Membranes for High Temperature Applications(PDF)
Palladium-alloy membranes that exhibit structural stability, improved strength, and high hydrogen flux 

Reference Number: 12028
Impedance-Based Sensor for Detection of Catalyst Coking in Fuel Reforming Systems(PDF)
A novel sensor for detecting the early stages of catalyst coking in fuel reforming systems 

Reference Number: 13012
Electrochemical Devise for Synthesis Gas and Liquid Fuel Production(PDF)
A method for creating liquid fuels from carbon dioxide and water using a solid oxide electrolytic cell 

Reference Number: 13015
Triple Conducting Cathode Material for Intermediate Temperature Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Devices(PDF)
A novel perovskite-type multicomponent compound that displays high electrochemical performance at intermediate temperatures 

Reference Number: 15016

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Colloidal Crystallization via Applied Fields(PDF)
The use of external fields to produce three-dimensional crystals of colloid-sized matter 

Reference Number: 4001
High Modulus Polymer Composites(PDF)
A method of producing high molecular weight filled polymeric matrices that have desirable physical characteristics 

Reference Number: 5001
Polylactide-Graft-Lignin Copolymers(PDF)
Methods to produce renewable polyactide-graft-lignin blends and copolymers 

Reference Number: 12020
Near Zero Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Beta-Eucryptite without Microcracking(PDF)
A method to produce doped Beta-eucryptite that does not display the normal problem of microcracking 

Reference Number: 12023
Polyamide Blends of Varying Renewable Content(PDF)
A method to produce blended polymers that have different renewable carbon content and a suite of high performance properties 

Reference Number: 13007
Alumina-Rich Glasses(PDF)
A low-temperature method for making aluminum rich glasses that have high chemical durability and mechanical properties close that are to sapphire single crystals 

Reference Number: 13027
Methods for Making Glasses from Organic Waste Food Streams(PDF)
A renewable method for making commercial and new glasses from organic waste products 

Reference Number: 14001
Fabrication of Electrochromic Tungsten Oxide Films for Optical Modulation(PDF)
Mesoporous tungsten oxide films that are capable of modulating optical transmission up to the theoretical limit of 100% in the visible regime 

Reference Number: 14005
Plasma-Assisted Nanofabrication of Two-dimensional Metal Chalcogenide Layers(PDF)
Low-temperature plasma-assisted methods to produce two-dimensional metal dichalcogenide layers 

Reference Number: 14008
Anisotropic Multiphysics Sensing Systems for Layered Materials(PDF)
A method to detect physical properties of layered materials 

Reference Number: 14039
Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Method(PDF)
A hybrid additive manufacturing method that allows for precise deposition of various photo curable resins 

Reference Number: 15040

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A Piezo Sensor based Smart-Die Structure(PDF)
A piezoelectric thin film sensor that monitor the onset of failure during die casting operations 

Reference Number: 8001
Synthesis of Boron Using Molten Salt Electrolysis(PDF)
A method to produce elemental boron 

Reference Number: 9006
Methods for Osmotic Concentration of Hyper Saline Streams(PDF)
A novel method of extracting minerals from an aqueous source 

Reference Number: 12025
Cavitating Water Jet Hard Rock Dredge Mining System(PDF)
A way to incorporate high-pressure cavitating waterjets within a rotary cutter head 

Reference Number: 13028
Pressure Oxidation of Enargite Concentrates(PDF)
A method to separate copper and arsenic at moderate temperatures and pressures 

Reference Number: 14011
De-Zincing Zinc-Coated Metals(PDF)
An electrochemical method to dezinc zinc-coated metals 

Reference Number: 14012
Purification of Yttrium Using Iminodiacetic Acid Resin(PDF)
A method to separate yttrium from heavy rare earth mixtures 

Reference Number: 14015
The Sulfuric Acid Baking of NdFeB Magnet Scrap(PDF)
A method for extracting rare earth metals from Nd2Fe14B magnet scrap 

Reference Number: 15001
Pneumatic Mine Dust Sampling Instrument(PDF)
A hand-held coal and rock dust sampling devise suited to collect consistent mine dust samples 

Reference Number: 15034
Production of Indium Concentrate from Waste LCD Screens(PDF)
A commercially viable process for the extraction of indium from liquid crystal displays (LCDs) 

Reference Number: 16041

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Reactor Unit Control System for Space and Terrestrial Applications(PDF)
A reactor unit control system for small space reactors 

Reference Number: 11021
Scoring and Shape Reconstruction of Antlers from Two-Dimensional Images(PDF)
A method to reconstruct three-dimensional shapes of antlers from two-dimensional images 

Reference Number: 15037

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Downhole Tools and Methods for Selectively Accessing a Tubular Annulus of a Wellbore(PDF)
A downhole tool that selectively opens and closes an axial/lateral bore of a tubular string positioned in a wellbore 

Reference Number: 10015
Wave-Equation Migration Velocity Analysis using Image Wrapping(PDF)
A method to construct velocity models for imaging the interior of the Earth 

Reference Number: 11009
Monitoring of Drinking Water Aquifers during Possible Contamination Operations(PDF)
A method to monitor the integrity of water aquifers 

Reference Number: 12019
Using Seismic Wavefields to Monitor Geological Targets(PDF)
A method to image geological mediums using seismic wavefields 

Reference Number: 13009
Surface Relaxivity Calculations using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurement(PDF)
A method to determine the surface relaxivity on unconventional rock formations 

Reference Number: 15002
Matrix-Fracture Interface Cleanup Protocol for Tight Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs(PDF)
A novel approach to clean up the matric-fracture interface to improve oil and gas production 

Reference Number: 15007
Casing Section Rotation Method and Apparatus(PDF)
An apparatus and method improve the cement seal at the bottom of surface casing during drilling operations 

Reference Number: 15015
Characterization of Water/Oil/Gas Emulsions and Foams Using Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(PDF)
A method to characterize the emulsion properties in oil and gas producing wells at downhole condition or pipelines 

Reference Number: 15025

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A Novel ZnO Catalyst(PDF)
A method to produce unique ZnO structures that are rich in defect sites 

Reference Number: 9003
Synthesis of Boron Using Molten Salt Electrolysis(PDF)
A method to produce elemental boron 

Reference Number: 9006
Laser Ignition of Reaction Synthesis Systems(PDF)
Use of a tunable laser to initiate a self-propagating high-temperature combustion reaction 

Reference Number: 13001
Nonstoichiometric Perovskite-Type Oxides for Solar Thermal Fuels Production(PDF)
Characterization of promising non-stoichiometric-perovskite-type oxide catalysts for solar thermochemical fuel productions 

Reference Number: 13023
Ammonia Synthesis at Moderate Conditions(PDF)
The synthesis of ammonia at moderate temperatures and pressures using a membrane reactor 

Reference Number: 15028

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Solar Thermoelectric Generator(PDF)
A novel design for solar thermoelectric generators with improved efficiencies 

Reference Number: 8004
Novel Photoconductive Decay Measurement System(PDF)
A nondestructive, contactless means to measure the recombination of lifetime of a wide range of semiconducting and photoconducting materials 

Reference Number: 9001
Process to Recycle End of Life Cadmium Telluride Modules and Manufacturing Scrap(PDF)
A novel method for recycling of thin film Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic modules at the end of their life 

Reference Number: 11024
Solubilizing Imide Precursors for Poorly Soluble Polymers(PDF)
A method for making polyimides and other rigid conjugated polymers via soluble amide-ester precursors 

Reference Number: 13002
An Electron Transistor with Ionic Gating and Complementary Optical Response(PDF)
A thin film transistor that can modulate its optical transmission from opaque to transparent 

Reference Number: 13005
Rapid Reduction of Sodium Occupancy in Type II Silicon Clathrate by Chemical Etchinge(PDF)
A method to reduce the sodium occupancy in type II silicon clathrate 

Reference Number: 14019
Tailoring the Optical Gap and Absorption Strength of Silicon Quantum Dots(PDF)
Silicon-based quantum dots (SiQDs) with an organic surface functional that have improved electronic and optical properties 

Reference Number: 14024
Rapid Thermal Processing of Back Contacts for Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells(PDF)
A high-throughput method to produce back contacts for cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar cells that improves the cell’s properties 

Reference Number: 14028

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Hollow Waveguide Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy(PDF)
A hollow waveguide cavity ringdown spectroscopy design for measurements of an absorption medium 

Reference Number: 7001
Hybrid Dielectric/Surface Plasmon Polariton Waveguide(PDF)
A novel hybrid dielectric/Surface Plasmon Polariton waveguide design 

Reference Number: 8003
Spectroscopic Polarimeter(PDF)
A spectroscopic polarimeter that contains designs for filtering light for both a specific bandwidth and for selecting a single polarization state 

Reference Number: 10001
LED Pumped Lasers and Amplifiersr(PDF)
A method and apparatus for pumping solid state lasers and amplifiers using high-powered LED arrays 

Reference Number: 14016

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System and Method to Create Osmotic Saltwater Intrusion Barrier(PDF)
A method to eliminate or reduce or salt water encroachment into fresh water aquifers 

Reference Number: 9010
Methods for Sustainable Membrane Distillation of Impaired Water Streams(PDF)
A membrane distillation process for water reclamation and mineral extraction that reduces membrane fouling 

Reference Number: 12019
Biohydrochemical Enhancement structures for Streamwater Treatment(PDF)
A method to remove stream water contaminants 

Reference Number: 14029

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