Available Technologies

Available Technologies

Researchers at Colorado School of Mines are on the forefront of innovation. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing creative solutions to a wide range of scientific and engineering challenges. For more information, contact Will Vaughan, Director of Technology Transfer (wvaughan@mines.edu).


Nanosuspensions of CBD for developing water dispersible formulationsGold/Lanthanide Nanoparticle Conjugates and Their Use in Targeted Disease Treatment (PDF)
A portfolio of patents aimed at disease treatment.

Reference Number: 8009

Compositions and Methods for Detecting Bacteria (PDF)
A fast, cost effective way to identify bacteria and other organisms.

Reference Number: 8020

Microfluidic Flow Assay for Measuring Hemostatic Phenotypes (PDF)
A microfluidic flow assay is a method for measuring the propensity to form a blood clot

Reference Number: 10004

Increased Lipid Accumulation and Carbohydrate Synthesis in Strains of Microalgae (PDF)
Modified microalgae that produce high levels of lipids and starch

Reference Number: 11020

Use of Endogenous Promoters in Genetic Engineering of Nannochloropsis gaditana (PDF)
The genome sequence and protocols for genetic manipulation for Nannochloropsis gaditana, a microalga that has high lipid and biomass production

Reference Number: 12007

Optical Alignment Deformation Spectorscopy (PDF)
A microfluidic device and method for high-throughput measurement of cell deformation

Reference Number: 12012

Plasma-Based Flow Assay for Measuring Trombin and Fibrin Generation (PDF)
A microfluidic plasma-based flow assay for measuring thrombin and fibrin generation

Reference Number: 12031

Delivery of Therapeutic Antibodies from Biodegradable Polymer Scaffolds (PDF)
A direct delivery system for the administration of therapeutic antibodies

Reference Number: 13011

Wrist Gimbal Rehabilitation Device (PDF)
A low-cost device to assess and improve wrist and forearm motor function

Reference Number: 14041

MALDI Lipid Profiling to Identify Bacteria using Unique Catalysts (PDF)
An improved method to rapidly identify bacteria using MALDI mass spectrometry.

Reference Number: 15022

Magnetic-Field Driven Colloidal Microbots Employing Wall-Based Propulsion (PDF)
Magnetic-field driven colloidal microbots for interventional procedures in the cardiovascular system

Reference Number: 15031

Controlled Precipitation of Biomimetic Apatites via in situ Mineralization of an Organic Polymeric Matrix  (PDF)
The controlled and tunable precipitation of biological apatites within a polymeric support substrate.

Reference Number: 15038

Chitosan-Calcium Phosphate Composite as Odontoinductive Dental Fillings (PDF)
New, easy to apply dental filling with regenerative properties.

Reference Number: 18024

Antimicrobial Biopolymer Formation from Sodium Alginate and Algae Extract Using Aminoglycosides (PDF)
An inexpensive wound treatment polymer.

Reference Number: 19019

Nanosuspensions of CBD for developing water dispersible formulations (PDF)
This application discloses a novel composition and a method of “water soluble” CBD.

Reference Number: 20038

Airborne Delivery of Microrobots (PDF)
Method to use microbots to treat and diagnose lung diseases.

Reference Number: 22010

Gesture-Controlled Robotic Feedback (PDF)
An improved physical therapy method.

Reference Number: 22011

Drug delivery via contact lenses and similar ophthalmic devices (PDF)
Control release of drugs through contact lenses with vitamin E diffusion barriers.

Reference Number: 22014


Civil Engineering

Tool and Method for Material Mechanical Property Estimation (PDF)
A method of monitoring construction projects in real time using plate strain measurements.

Reference Number: 14037


Computer Science and Quantum Computing

Method for Signal and Image Processing with Lattice Gas Processes (PDF)
A method to use quantum and classical computing to enhance signals and images.

Reference Number: 7015

Three-Dimensional Gaze Control of Robots for Navigation and Object Manipulation (PDF)
A control system to guide robots for navigation and object manipulation that uses 3D eye tracking.

Reference Number: 15005

Autonomous Robotic Laparoscope Based On Eye Tracking (PDF)
An autonomous control framework for robotic laparoscope using eye tracking.

Reference Number: 15006

Generating access control policies using supervised classification and/or unsupervised clustering (PDF)
Method by which access control is strengthened using various algorithms depending on the preference.

Reference Number: 18043

Quantum Machine Learning Using RFQA Quantum Optimization (PDF)
A new, noise tolerant method of quantum optimization.

Reference Number: 20005

S3Key: A Spoof-Proof Smart Key System (PDF)
A new smart key system for added security at a low cost and effort.

Reference Number: 20016

Error-Divisible Quantum Gates (PDF)
A simple method by which additional signals are added into parametrically driven couplers in quantum computing systems to instantaneously cancel unwanted terms, leading to error-divisible quantum gates.

Reference Number: 21017

Tunable Capacitor for Superconducting Qubits (PDF)
An improvement of the performance of superconducting qubits.

Reference Number: 21018

Efficient Sparse Irregular Geophysical Data Acquisition Design (PDF)
A new ergodic theory and acquisition design workflow which leads to a new generation of low-cost geophysical data acquisitions.

Reference Number: 22001

Environment and Water

Methods and Compositions for Treatment of Subsurface Contaminants (PDF)
Simple method to help treat soil contaminants.

Reference Number: 5010

Methods to Radiolabel Natural Organic Matter (PDF)
Method to radiolabel natural organic matter by reduction with tritiated borohydride.

Reference Number: 6010

Thermoelectric Irrigation Module (PDF)
A control module that activate sprinkler bases on ambient temperature and soil temperature and humidity.

Reference Number: 16037

Lunar Thermal Mining (PDF)
A method to extract water ice from the regolith near the poles of the Moon.

Reference Number: 18025

Hydrothermal technology for decontamination and mineralization PFAS (PDF)
A decontamination method by which perfluoro- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds are neutralized.

Reference Number: 19023


Materials and Polymers

High Modulus Polymer Composites (PDF)
A method of producing high molecular weight filled polymeric matrices that have desirable physical characteristics

Reference Number: 5001

Acidic Ion Exchange Membrane (PDF)
An acidic ion exchange membrane with very high proton conductivity 

Reference Number: 10012

Polylactide-Graft-Lignin Copolymers (PDF)
Methods to produce renewable polyactide-graft-lignin blends and copolymers

Reference Number: 12020

Near Zero Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Beta-Eucryptite Without Microcracking (PDF)
A method to produce doped Beta-eucryptite that does not display the normal problem of microcracking 

Reference Number: 12023

Solubilizing Imide Precursors for Poorly Soluble Polymers (PDF)
A method for making polyimides and other rigid conjugated polymers via soluble amide-ester precursors.

Reference Number: 13002

Polyamide Blends of Varying Renewable Content (PDF)
A method to produce blended polymers that have different renewable carbon content and a suite of high performance properties.

Reference Number: 13007

Alumina-Rich Glasses (PDF)
A low-temperature method for making aluminum rich glasses that have high chemical durability and mechanical properties close that are to sapphire single crystals

Reference Number: 13027

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Method (PDF)
A hybrid additive manufacturing method that allows for precise deposition of various photo curable resins.

Reference Number: 15040

Decarburaized Self-Piercing Rivet (PDF)
A self-pierce rivet that improves industrial performance through processing and alloy design.

Reference Number: 17006

Functionalized Poly(diallylpiperidinium) and its copolymers for use in ion conducting applications (PDF)
A method to synthesize various membranes for conductivity under a variety ofconditions.

Reference Number: 17028

Mechanical Stiffening of Wurtzite Piezoelectrics by Boron Nitride Doping (PDF)
New material with improved piezoelectric qualities.

Reference Number: 17044

New Method of Functionalizing Fluoropolymers with Acidic Side Chains Exhibiting Improved Properties (PDF)
A new fluoropolymer reaction that uses metal hydrides for several structural advantages.

Reference Number: 17047

Superelastic ferroelastic ceramics (PDF)
A method to synthesize superelastic ferroelastic ceramics that absorb and release vast quantities of mechanical energy and can do so across very wide temperature ranges.

Reference Number: 18012

Three-Dimensional Mineralization Printer (PDF)
A printer for biomineral materials.

Reference Number: 18050

Identification of Defects in Metal During Continuous Casting (PDF)
A method to monitor steel quality in real time

Reference Number: 19027

Four Stage Shearing of AA1xxx Aluminum (PDF)
A method to increase the strength of aluminum alloys through simple means.

Reference Number: 19051

Method of Making Anhydrous Metal Chalcogenides (PDF)
An improved method of making anhydrous metal sulfides (MSx) from a Lithium catalyst.

Reference Number: 20039

Multi-Principal Element Alloy (MPEA) Braze Filler for Repair of Ni-Base Superalloys (PDF)
New material for high-temperature application of materials.

Reference Number: 22016

Mining and Minerals

Process to Recycle End of Life Cadmium Telluride Modules and Manufacturing Scrap (PDF)
A novel method for recycling of thin film Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic modules at the end of their life.   

Reference Number: 11024

Cavitating Water Jet Hard Rock Dredge Mining System (PDF)
A way to incorporate high-pressure cavitating waterjets within a rotary cutter head 

Reference Number 13028

Pressure Oxidation of Enargite Concentrates (PDF)
A method to separate copper and arsenic at moderate temperatures and pressures 

Reference Number 14011

De-Zincing Zinc-Coated Metals (PDF)
An electrochemical method to dezinc zinc-coated metals 

Reference Number 14012

Purification of Yttrium Using Iminodiacetic Acid Resin (PDF)
A method to separate yttrium from heavy rare earth mixtures 

Reference Number 14015

Pneumatic Mine Dust Sampling Instrument (PDF)
A hand-held coal and rock dust sampling devise suited to collect consistent mine dust samples 

Reference Number 15034

Methods and Devices for Recovery of Rare Minerals Including Ancylite (PDF)
An economical way to separate ancylite from ore.

Reference Number: 16001

Modified Hot-Dip Galvanize Coatings with Low Melting Temperature (PDF)
A new steel processing method to reduce costs and allow for novel products.

Reference Number: 16051

Selective Sulfation Roasting of NdFeB Magnet Waste (PDF)
Treatment of magnet waste to recover rare earth metals in an efficient manner.

Reference Number: 17027

Compounds, Methods, And Systems for Beneficiation of Rare Earth Elements by Flotation and Gravity Concentration (PDF)
A new method to recover rare earth minerals from ores.

Reference Number: 19037

Advanced Systems and Methods for Leaching Rare Earths from Ore Field (PDF)
A new method for recovery of rare earth elements.

Reference Number: 21011

Magnetite Ore Pelletizing Compositions, Devices, Systems, and Methods Using Automotive Paint Sludge as a Binder (PDF)
Recycling paint sludge to use as a binder for iron pellet production.

Reference Number: 22005

Oil and Gas

Downhole Tools and Methods for Selectively Accessing a Tubular Annulus of a Wellbore (PDF)
A downhole tool that selectively opens and closes an axial/lateral bore of a tubular string positioned in a wellbore

Reference Number: 10015

Method and Apparatus for Testing Tubular Annular Seal (PDF)
A method to directly test the hydraulic annular seal of casing without the use of a cement bond log.

Reference Number: 13019

Casing Section Rotation Method and Apparatus (PDF)
An apparatus and method improve the cement seal at the bottom of surface casing during drilling operations.

Reference Number: 15015

Characterization of Water/Oil/Gas Emulsions and Foams Using Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (PDF)
A method to characterize the emulsion properties in oil and gas producing wells at downhole condition or pipelines 

Reference Number: 15025

Downhole Tractor (PDF)
A tool to help drilling horizonal and plugged wells.

Reference Number: 18037

Backsweep Lift (PDF)
An intermittent gas lift system for liquid loaded horizontal wells.

Reference Number: 19050


Photovoltaics and Spectroscopy

All-Optically Prepared and Controlled Nematic Liquid Crystal Light Valve (PDF)
A nematic liquid crystal light valve that acts as an optical switch that controls the intensity of a light beam.

Reference Number: 4002

Fiber-Focused Diode-Bar Optical Trapping for Microfluidic Flow Manipulation (PDF)
A method to isolate and examine individual particles in dynamic microfluidic systems.

Reference Number: 7010

High-Throughput Optical Deformability Measurement (PDF)
Use of cell dynamics to identify diseases.

Reference Number: 8015

Spatially Chirped Pulses for Femtosecond Laser Ablation through Transparent Materials (PDF)
A method for micromachining high aspect ratio features in thick media using temporal focusing of spatially chirped femtosecond laser pulses.

Reference Number: 10011

Interferometric Characterization for Divergence and Spatial Chirp (PDF)
A spectral interferomic method to optimize intensity-localization in spatio-temporally focused ultrafast beams.

Reference Number: 15010

Integrated Single Grating Compressor for Variable Pulse Front Tilt in Simultaneously Spatially and Temporally Focused Systems (PDF)
A multipass chirped pulse amplification system for simultaneous spatially and temporal focusing.

Reference Number: 15012

Aberration Correction for Atom Probe Tomography (PDF)
A method to more accurately image atomic structure.

Reference Number: 18027

Single Shot Spatial Frequency Modulation Imaging (SPIFI) (PDF)
A new measuring technique in advance manufacturing which improves accuracy and allows measurement in real time.

Reference Number: 21034

Renewable Energy

Palladium Alloy Membranes for Use in Hydrogen Separation (PDF)
Palladium alloy membranes for hydrogen separation that are resistant to poisoning by sulfide compounds

Reference Number: 6001

Unsupported Palladium Alloy Membranes (PDF)
A cost-effective method to produce thin, durable, support-free palladium and palladium alloy membranes

Reference Number: 8002

Multilayer Sulfur-Resistant Composite Metal Membranes (PDF)
A new metal membrane for hydrogen chemistry.

Reference Number: 8006

Use of Immobilized Heteropoly Acids and the Use of the Same for Electrode Stabilization and Enhancement (PDF)
New membrane chemistry for fuel cells.

Reference Number: 8011

Stable Catalyst Layers for Hydrogen Permeable Composite Membranes (PDF)
A hydrogen permeable membrane that is stable over a broad temperature range

Reference Number: 10007

A High Efficiency, Reversible Flow Battery System for Energy Storage (PDF)
A solid oxide fuel battery for high efficiency energy storage

Reference Number: 11007

Reactor Unit Control System for Space and Terrestrial Applications (PDF)
A reactor unit control system for small space reactors.

Reference Number: 11021

Electrochemical Devise for Synthesis Gas and Liquid Fuel Production (PDF)
A method for creating liquid fuels from carbon dioxide and water using a solid oxide electrolytic cell.

Reference Number: 13015

Nonstoichiometric Perovskite-Type Oxides for Solar Thermal Fuels Production (PDF)
Characterization of promising nonstoichiometric-perovskite-type oxide catalysts for solar thermochemical fuel productions

Reference Number: 13023

Triple Conducting Cathode Material for Intermediate Temperature Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Devices (PDF)
A novel perovskite-type multicomponent compound that displays high electrochemical performance at intermediate temperatures

Reference Number: 15016

Ammonia Synthesis at Moderate Conditions (PDF)
The synthesis of ammonia at moderate temperatures and pressures using a membrane reactor 

Reference Number 15028

Production of Alkali Sulfide Cathode Materials for Next Generation Rechargeable Batteries (PDF)
A method to produce hierarchically structured alkali sulfide cathode materials.

Reference Number: 16020

Ammonia Synthesis Using a Catalytic Nitrogen Selective Membrane (PDF)
The Technology uses a metallic membrane for nitrogen separation and subsequent reaction with hydrogen to produce ammonia at moderate conditions.

Reference Number: 17005

High Efficiency Solid OxideHigh Efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cell – IC Engine Hybrid Power System Fuel Cell – IC Engine Hybrid Power System (PDF)
A method for producing a power system using a combination of systems for greater efficiencies and costs savings.

Reference Number: 18022

Catalytic Membrane Reactor (PDF)
A method by producing membrane with catalyst placed such that several advantages are gained.

Reference Number: 19028

Dual-Spiral Channel Architecture for Planar-Stack Electrochemical Devices (PDF)
New configuration of an electric producing device.

Reference Number: 19042

YSZ Supported Catalyst (PDF)
A catalyst to continuously produce ammonia using a gas with nitrogen and hydrogen.

Reference Number: 20001

Membrane coupled catalytic reactor for reactive conversion of carbon dioxide and small alkanes to light olefins and high-value products (PDF)
A process to convert alkanes to high value products.

Reference Number: 20032

Protonic ceramic fuel cell system (PDF)
A novel, highly efficient fuel cell system to generate power.

Reference Number: 20041

Electrode interlayers for proton-conducting ceramic electrochemical devices (PDF)
Fabrication method of fuel cells to greatly reduce performance degradation.

Reference Number: 21032

Generation of Ammonia/Hydrogen Mixtures for Clean Combustion (PDF)
Substitution of NH3/H2 mixture for a variety of fuel applications

Reference Number: 22019

Non-Destructive acoustic sensing to determine gas hydrates integrity in enclosed containers (PDF)
Simple, accurate method to determine gas hydrate integrity.

Reference Number: 22026


System for and Method of Monitoring Properties of a Fluid Flowing Through a Pipe (PDF)
A method to use vibrations to deduce fluid properties.

Reference Number: 8025

Wave-Equation Migration Velocity Analysis using Image Wrapping (PDF)
A method to construct velocity models for imaging the interior of the Earth 

Reference Number: 11009

Using Seismic Wavefields to Monitor Geological Targets (PDF)
A method to image geological mediums using seismic wavefields 

Reference Number: 13009

Tailoring the Optical Gap and Absorption Strength of Silicon Quantum Dots (PDF)
Silicon-based quantum dots (SiQDs) with an organic surface functional that have improved electronic and optical properties. 

Reference Number: 14024

Surface Relaxivity Calculations using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurement (PDF)
A method to determine the surface relaxivity on unconventional rock formations

Reference Number: 15002

Boron Containing Organic/Hybrid Materials for Scintillation and Neutron Detection (PDF)
A low cost detector materials for both neutron and gamma particles.

Reference Number: 15017

10B Enriched Plastic Scintillators for Application in Thermal Neutron Detection (PDF)
A novel formulation of a scintillator.

Reference Number: 17045


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