Fundamentals of Scientific Discovery

Expanding our understanding of the world

Fundamentals of Scientific Discovery: Focus Areas

Fundamental science drives our understanding of the world – it is the cornerstone that has enabled scientists and engineers to build our modern society. Researchers across Mines are using advanced technologies and applying computing and modeling methods to probe the mysteries of our universe. We are fueling discovery and innovation by advancing our understanding of basic science. Explore our Fundamentals research by focus area:

Advanced Mathematics for the Modern World

Advanced Mathematics for the Modern World

Investigating the mysteries of mathematics through theory and experimental applications.

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script

Basic Science Principles Investigated through Applied Computing

Utilizing computing models and methods to examine and understand fundamental science.

3d illustration of molecule model.

Analytical & Computational Chemistry

Harnessing the fundamentals of chemistry and computational modeling to characterize and understand reactions, bonding, structure, properties, and behavior.

Gravity wave - 3d rendered image.

Fundamental Physics

Developing and testing the theories that explain the forces and natural phenomena across the universe.

Graphene hexagon array pattern texture honeycomb.

Materials Discovery

Investigating the relationship between the small-scale structure of materials and their overall properties.

Quantum computer

Quantum Science & Engineering

Collaborating across physics, materials, computing, chemistry, mathematics, and electrical engineering to develop quantum technologies, and the software and algorithms to utilize the speed and power of quantum computing.

Diego Gomez-Gualdron headshot

Designing advanced materials for a broad range of applications can be accelerated using machine-learning models and advanced computation: “Computation today is producing more data than the human brain can comprehend. And we need tools to help us make good decisions in physical sciences and engineering, given this giant wave of complicated data.”

– Dr Diego Gomez-Gualdrón,
Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Mines Shared Instrumentation Facility

Mines’ Shared Instrumentation Facility (SIF) provides centralized access to world-class equipment on the Colorado School of Mines campus to Mines faculty and students as well as to external academic and industry partners.

Fundamentals of Scientific Discovery: Research Collaborations

Mines embraces a culture of collaboration and has a history of building strategic partnerships across industry, academia, government, and national labs. Sharing capabilities and expertise enables us to accelerate and broaden our impact as we work together to engineer innovative solutions. Discover our Fundamentals collaborations: