Integrated Energy Solutions

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Integrated Energy Solutions: Focus Areas

Energy is essential to modern life – we need it to heat and electrify our homes and businesses, to make and manufacture the goods and products that drive our economy, and to fuel our transportation. As our society attempts to balance the ever-growing demands for affordable and reliable energy with the impacts of climate change, Mines researchers are finding solutions. From reducing emissions, to boosting energy efficiency, to transitioning to cleaner energy sources and fuels, to developing better methods of energy storage and enhancing the grid for greater reliability, researchers at Mines are exploring all the options to balance our energy equation now and into the future. Explore our Energy research by focus area:

Solar power plants in the dusk of the evening

Harnessing Renewable Energy Sources

Developing new technologies to harness the limitless renewable energy sources across the globe.

Oil pump

Optimizing Fossil Fuels

Leveraging Mines’ expertise in fossil fuels to access new sources, optimize efficiencies, & reduce environmental impacts.

Nuclear Power plant with red field and blue sky

Nuclear Energy for the Modern World

Designing safer & more versatile nuclear systems.

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Advanced Energy Systems & Integration

Building the technologies to drive energy efficiency & modernize integration across energy systems.

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Decarbonizing Energy across Industries

Reducing carbon released across the industrial sector through enhancing efficiency, employing alternative energy sources, & developing new ways to capture, utilize, & store carbon.

Concept of an energy storage system based on electrolysis of hydrogen in a clean environment with photovoltaics, wind farms and a city in the background.

Engineering Solutions for the Hydrogen Economy

Exploring the materials & developing the technologies to utilize hydrogen across the energy sector.

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Energy in Global Context

Understanding the energy landscape to deliver data-driven solutions and policy recommendations that address the energy/water nexus, energy critical materials & supply chains, permitting & environmental impacts, and more.

Dr. Ryan O'Hayre

Hydrogen’s role in decarbonization of energy sources: “For a lot of our economy, we can pursue direct electrification – buildings, cars, lights – you can just use renewable electricity and use the grid and batteries, but there are certain sectors of the economy that are impossible to electrify. If we want to decarbonize those hard-to-decarbonize, hard-to-electrify sectors, that’s where hydrogen comes in.”

– Dr Ryan O’Hayre,
Professor, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Uniquely Mines: Explore our distinctive opportunities, expertise, & facilities

Global Energy Future Initiative

Governments and industry around the globe are pursuing increasingly ambitious initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify their energy portfolios, all while the world is facing significant growth in energy demand from emerging and developing economies. On these complex issues, Mines has a unique combination of expertise with the depth to meet the energy challenges head on.

Integrated Energy Solutions: Research Collaborations

Mines embraces a culture of collaboration and has a history of building strategic partnerships across industry, academia, government, and national labs. Sharing capabilities and expertise enables us to accelerate and broaden our impact as we work together to engineer innovative solutions. Discover our Energy collaborations: