Export Controls

Research Integrity and Security

International Travel

Traveling internationally for collaboration with colleagues, conferences, or field research can be richly rewarding; however, Mines employees and students must ensure that we follow the law. Traveling with restricted equipment, software, or information may require an export license prior to departure. Travel to countries that are subject to comprehensive sanctions, e.g. Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Russia/Ukraine, may require a license or other precautions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you’re involved with restricted research or you have a security clearance, you must take these steps:

  • Use a clean laptop with current security and malware detection
  • Removing third-party proprietary software, confidential/sensitive data, and export controlled data

Other factors to consider if traveling abroad to certain countries with IT devices may include:

  • Removing unnecessary Mines’ data/personal data from devices before travel
  • Avoiding using Wi-Fi connections, even if labeled as secure and/or a password is required
  • Never attaching or accepting unknown devices/drives (including USB drives)
  • On return, having the device scanned for malware prior to connecting to Mines’ network
  • Accessing email abroad (even through VPN) may allow access to confidential/sensitive info