Export Controls

Research Integrity and Security

Hosting International Visitors

The success of the research enterprise at Colorado School of Mines, and in fact the conduct of science, relies on international partnerships.

There are factors we must consider, however, as we prepare to travel internationally or to welcome international scholars as guests in our labs and departments, particularly if you are involved in any export-controlled research.

Hosting international scholars is a common and welcome practice.

  • Global Education and research security are two places to seek advice to help you avoid possible missteps. We encourage you to contact us prior to issuing a formal invitation.

When hiring international scholars:

  • Please download and provide a completed export control questionnaire along with your request to Human Resources or the Office of General Counsel
  • The research security office reviews each visit for the following concerns: restrictions on the research to be conducted; restrictions on the visitor’s home institution, country, or the visitor; and restricted research in proximity to the visitor (in the PI’s lab or at another lab in the department).

For students taking online courses and residing in certain countries, US sanctions require a license.

“The strength of American science requires a research environment conducive to creativity, an environment in which the free exchange of ideas is a vital component.”
National Security Decision Directive 189