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Internal Partners for Proposal Success

So you’ve reached out to your proposal analyst in ORA and are starting to develop your research plan when you realize the solicitation calls for a component outside your expertise. Did you know there are offices at Mines that can fill many of these gaps? Here are a few people to connect with:

  • Assessment, Study Design, & Teaching Resources: The Trefny Innovative Instruction Center can help you design an effective study of student learning, and assess results. They can also help you develop new courses and learn more effective teaching methods.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging: DI&A at Mines can help you design and implement an effective plan to broaden participation in your proposed research program.
  • Professional Development & Student Mentoring: The Center for Professional Development Education provides courses focused on critical career skills including communication, research ethics, and leadership. In addition to these classes for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty can access resources to help them grow as mentors.
  • Institutional Data: Institutional Research & Strategic Analytics has a wealth of data about our student body. Submit a ticket for assistance, or reach out to ejerme@mines.edu for a quick data pull.
  • Data Management: The Arthur Lakes Library has resources to help you write a strong data management plan – and manage your data throughout your project.
  • Human Subjects & Research Security: RTT’s Research Integrity officer can help you plan research involving human subjects, develop technology control plans, and answer questions about research security.

Please reach out to these partners at least 1 month before your proposal deadline. Early engagement ensures they have time to support you AND gives you time to meaningfully integrate their knowledge, increasing your proposal’s competitiveness.

External Resources

Are you looking for an external evaluator, graphic designer, or science editor? Contact Erika Jermé at ejerme@mines.edu for an up-to-date list of consultants. ASU also has a nice list!

Looking for something else?

Email us and we’ll do our best to get you connected to the right resource.


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