Intellectible AI-Assisted Proposal Writing

Startup Partnership with RTT

Opportunity for Mines researchers to experiment with AI proposal writing software 

Mines has partnered up with Intellectible, a start-up software company that powers proposal writing with AI, to boost your proposal writing work while testing out the software’s capabilities. Anyone in the Mines research community is invited to sign up for this software. Designed as a human-in-the-loop program, Intellectible takes in your inputs (articles, past proposals, resumes, reference materials, etc.), dissects your target solicitation, and generates a draft ready for your review and refinement. Information stays secure within the Intellectible platform. Watch this short video 

Intellectible is in a beta phase of development and has offered this product to Mines at a well below market rate until July 31, 2025, with the understanding that Mines users will provide feedback to help improve the software. We welcome users pursuing all types of federal grants for any stage of research as this helps the AI continue to learn.  


If you would like to sign up for an account, follow these steps: 

  1. Complete the Signup form below. You will receive an email from Intellectible on how to log in.
  2. Watch Intellectible’s video demonstration below.
  3. We anticipate scheduling a Mines virtual demonstration in late June to early July. Mines-associated users are encouraged to attend or view the recording once it is available.  
  4. As a condition of getting an account, you will be asked to provide your feedback. Please respond to feedback requests from the RTT Office such as surveys throughout the year.  

Intellectible Sign-up

If you are Mines Faculty please use your address

How it works 

Intellectible utilizes a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system, specifically designed to protect IP privacy. Intellectible not only enhances the efficiency of grant writing but also prioritizes the protection of your intellectual property.  

Best practices 

Training resources and information on best practices are available on the Mines RTT SharePoint file share. We are continuing to build this SharePoint site so check back in for updated content.  

Please note that Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that they abide by any restrictions or disclosures that a solicitation might have with respect to using AI to generate proposal content.  

It works pretty decently, as long as you guide it. I recommend writing bullet points of the idea, its specifications, business use case, etc. Then the grant writing tool can make it look really good, add some researched numbers, and make a 40% complete proposal. It’s great for people who hate writing since it starts you off with a great rough draft.
- New Mines User

Seckel, E., Stephens, B. Y., & Rodriguez, F. (2024). Ten simple rules to leverage large language models for getting grants. PLoS Computational Biology, 20(3).


Help Ticket

If you have issues while using the system, submit your issues here. The RTT Office will troubleshoot if possible and forward all issues to Intellectible.  

Intellectible Help Ticket

Please be as specific as possible, including which area or section of the platform you're encountering this problem.
1:1 training, demo, specific component of the platform