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Colorado Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development

The Colorado Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development is a research partnership among the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Colorado's premier research universities — Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

CREED works with public agencies, private enterprise, nonprofit institutions and all of Colorado's universities and colleges to:

  • Increase the production and use of energy from renewable resources like wind energy, solar energy, and biofuels
  • Support economic growth in Colorado and the nation with renewable energy industries
  • Build a renewable energy economy in rural Colorado and rural America
  • Establish Colorado as America's leading center of renewable energy research and production
  • Educate our nation's finest energy researchers, technicians and work force

CREED currently has three centers:

  • Colorado Center for BioFuels and BioRefining (C2B2): Mines Lead – John Dorgan
    C2B2 is a cooperative research and educational center devoted to the conversion of biomass to fuels and other products. C2B2 exists to improve fundamental understanding and develop new technologies in areas relevant to the future commercialization of integrated, sustainable biorefining and biofuels processes.
  • Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion (CRSP): Director – P. (Craig) Taylor
    CRSP is dedicated to the basic and applied research necessary to create revolutionary new solar energy technologies as well as education and training opportunities. The research underpins renewable energy technologies, commonly called third generation solar photon conversion, for the highly-efficient and cost-competitive production of both electricity and fuels via direct solar processes.

    CRSP institutions make available their capabilities for shared and sponsored research projects with CRSP members as well as for federally funded research. CRSP company members play an important role in the center—membership allows companies and other organizations to learn about and participate in advances in solar cell science and technology. The areas of research being pursued include photovoltaics (inorganic and organic), photophysics, photoelectrochemistry, photochemistry, photobiology and nanoscience.
  • Collaborative Research and Education in Wind (CREW): Director – Mandy Hering
    CREW advances the science of wind power. CREW’s scientists, researchers, and laboratories work to make wind power more accessible by reducing costs and increasing reliability and efficiencies. CREW’s research will advance wind technology on many fronts—scientific, technological, regulatory, and political.

    CREW is structured to reach these goals by: offering wind industry companies access to four powerful research institutions through a single point of contact; conducting both shared “pre-competitive” research and sponsored proprietary research programs; teaming up with other public and private research efforts and creating educational programs that support wind industry research, outreach, professional and technical training.


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